The Jotun and the birth of the world.

The world is created. Some say that the Jotun waded out of the sea, dragging the land up behind them; and that the first breaths they took were the magic of the world – the power of language; which remains to this day.

Time passed, fish flapping on land and birds flying in the sky. It is said that the first humans crawled out of the earth, wordless and naked, building tribes and hunting for meat and furs.


It is said that the first wise woman – she who later became known as Lillith, brought tobacco to humans; and the first Vatcha was a pipe, brought to life when she tricked her way in to the Jotun’s camp. She caught the Jotun’s breath in the pipe; and carried it back to her tribe, bringing the gift of language with her.

The Early Years

Under instruction from a Troll, the The Crown of Kings is forged from star iron by Krast, inventor of Smithing; and is later stolen by Krovak, inventor of Tyranny.

Tribes became towns, which became cities. Humans started to spread south and settle the plains and forests on the edge of the bay of Seven Sorrows.

The storyteller Skald takes an old book and binds it in the hide of a Troll. He takes the ink from a Kraken that he has killed out on the ice; and a quill from a monstrous bird. He begins to write the greatest stories. The Vatcha Yarn is born. Skald never runs out of pages on which to write.

The Iron Empire


Y 0 (d-750) : Prima Casa is founded; and named capital of what will be a great civilisation. A massive campaign of deforestation is begun in order to supply the wood to build it.

Y154 (d-596) : The Iron Empire spreads – Fang is founded at the mouth of the river Utter.

Y303 (d-447) : The plains and forests of the south have been nearly stripped bare; and the area north of Prima Casa has become desert.

Y305 (d-445) : The City of Cairnwood is recognised as a vassal citystate of The Iron Empire. Within three years, sensing the mood of the change, others follow – Wildrun, Calmlakes, Cravenburg and even Frittlehold, high in the mountains, begin to send tribute to Prima Casa, in return for trade goods and military support.

Y460 (d-290) : The Fox King is killed by Yorik Cravenburg I – for sport, rather than for meat. With his dying breath, he makes a wish that his Queen be spared such a death; the magic that settles on her makes her immortal. When her skin is stripped from her flesh, it continues to talk, becoming the Vatcha The Lady of the Forest.

Y462 ( d-288) : The vale city of Calmlakes burns. Hundreds of thousands of citizens flee their homes. It is whispered that the Vatcha violin calling itself The Heat of the Moment had some play in the proceedings.

Y464 (d-286) : The Iron Empire starts work on The Gates of Glory – vast river defences on the Serpent’s mouth. They are built on the backs of 10,000 slaves; mainly refugees from Calmlakes. They become known as The Gates of Despair.

Y467 (d-283) : Empress Hero is born in Prima Casa.

The conquest of the north

Y475 (d-275) : The Iron Empire reaches the Northern Ice Floes and founds the fortress-city of Worldsend, where it begins to make war against the Northern settlements. The conflict is slow and bloody – a fifteen year war of attrition against hundreds of much smaller towns and villages.

Y490 (d-260) : The King of the Icebears grudgingly kneels before Empress Hero and is strapped in to barding. She rides him in to battle against Bjotrnorth; and his warriors follow, charging like a wave of white fur ahead of the Imperial legions. Despite massive casualties, Bjotrnorth holds, but it knows it cannot survive a similar attack. The leaders of Bjotrnorth sign a treaty with Prima Casa; and it is named the last Citystate of the Empire.

y502 (d-248) : The Expidite Canal (Later to become known as Hero’s Folly) is begun, mainly on the back of convict workers. Construction continues for 37 years, but it is never finished.


Y502 (d-248) : The town of Hope make a deal with the Hags of the marshes. They instigate The Hag Council; and under their care, the town begins to grow.

Y539 (d-211) : Work on the Canal grinds to a halt, and the town of Expidite grows out of the canalworkers and convicts stranded there.

y541 (d-209) : Prima Casa Falls. Empress Hero dies aged 74.

y645 (d-105) : The Scions of the Golden King arrive and settle in the ruins of Prima Casa bringing the tools of Alchemy, Medicine, Gunpowder and Faith.

Y686 (d-64) : Under the care of the Hag council, Hope has become a small city, a conglomeration of smaller settlements, most of which are raised out of the marshes on stilts. Hexing Jenny, the Hag-queen, is known as the most powerful of the Hag Council, and is alive to this day.

Recent History

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