The Lady of the Forest


Name: The Lady of the Forest

Played by: Jodie

Item: a black fox stole


Domain: Animal

Goal: Kill all of the descendants of the lord who killed the Fox King

  • Find out who the lord was.
  • Get a possession belonging to him.
  • Have a wielder use manner of the beast to sniff out any who have his blood.
  • Kill them all.





  • Ash
  • James
  • Liam


The Fox King was one of the first animals to be born on the land the Jotun dragged from the sea. He was a curious pup, and on the day his eyes opened to the new world, he ventured forth from the set, and was somehow touched by the Jotun’s breath. Or so the legend goes.
He became known to man as the largest, sleekest, blackest fox ever glimpsed in the forest. And those who saw him were sure they heard whispered words, mocking them, calling them weak for hunting birds and rabbits with traps and snares, unlike the swift and deadly Fox King who needed no tricks to kill.

One young and prideful lord was out hunting when he heard the Fox King’s taunts, and was inflamed. He chased the fox deeper and deeper into the trees, dragging his huntsmen and courtiers with him. As it grew dark and he was eventually persuaded by his fellows that that must return to Cravensburg, for the forest held many dangers for humankind at night. He was unable to swallow his pride, and swore of the blood of his family that he would kill the Fox King.

The young lord went out into the forest again the next day, with his hunt, but though they saw the midnight fox and heard his laughter they could not catch him. The day after the lord went out again, this time alone, for he had learnt the group slowed him. This time he was able to keep up with the Fox King much better, but still it was able to vanish into the shadows and time the lord had a chance to aim. On the third day the lord took men with him carrying bundles of green sticks, barrels of oil, ropes and bows, and torches. They explored the forest looking for fox sets, and wherever they found one they stuffed it with twigs dipped it oil and set it afire, causing thick heavy smoke to pour into the sets. They did not see or hear anything, for unbeknownst to them the Fox King was far deeper in the forest that day, settling a dispute with a crow.

The Fox King had recently taken a mate, who was hunkered down over their 3 tiny cubs, deep in a set, listening to the sound of humans moving closer with her hackles raised. Being with the Fox King had made her grow brave, and when she smelt the smoke she gathered the cubs by their scruffs and decided to run, to try and find her mate. As she emerged from the set the lord saw her, and his men sprang, and slowed as she was by her young they managed to throw a net over her. Her wordless screams of despair bought the Fox King hurrying back from where he had been, but he arrived in time to see the lord, smiling in his success, ordering his men to beat the vixen and cubs with long sticks, to make her scream in pain and draw the Fox King in. He sprang to defend his mate and cubs, but the cruel tricks of the humans made his stealth and speed unable to save him, and he was speared through the chest. The lord laughed to watch him crawl over to his family, broken and bleeding beneath the net place his head over that of the deathly still vixen and shed a single tear, which seemed to sparkle oddly in the twilight of the forest.

The Lady of the Forest, or Lady as she sometimes lets her wielders call her, didn’t remember anything after the pain, until one day waking up, feeling weak and stiff, oddly hollow and unable to move. Suddenly she was being forcefully wrapped around the neck of a young, beardless human wearing some sort of long gown which dragged to the floor. Every part of her burned with desire for revenge of her family, but as she considered this feeling, she realised she’d gained many other sensations… and the words to describe them.

The Lady of the Forest

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