The Crown of Kings



Creation Light Life

Goal: Conquer the known world

  • Learn of a city whose ruler would make an appropriate puppet.
  • Persuade the city’s ruler to wield me
  • Build the city into a force that can rule the world
  • Send my armies forth

How am I destroyed?

The Crown will be destroyed if it is melted in a forge while being struck with a hammer of star-iron.


Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived a craftsman — for this was a time before even smelting had been conceived — named Krast. Krast was a talented man, and the bracelets and trinkets that he could shape from copper brought his tribe much pleasure.

Which is why when a new metal was found that had fallen from the heavens, hard and grey and mysterious, it was Krast who it was brought to. It was Krast who, pushing his talents to the limit, shaped the star-iron into a crown. And so, at the hands of Krast the Inventor of Smithing, was I born.

For a while I rode Krast’s head, but it was not long before I found him an unsuitable companion. I taught him how to extract my brother-iron from the ground, to forge it into weapons with which to keep his tribe safe. But Krast was content to build and to craft. He had no desire to advance, no desire to rule.

Fortunately, he had a brother.

Krovac asked Krast for the crown and Krast refused, but I had other ideas. In secret I spoke with Krovac, explaining how he could use force to take the things he desired. No man until then had conceived that he could take and keep power over others, but Krovac learned quickly. And so Krovac came to be the Inventor of Tyranny and the King of the First City.

Ah, but those were good days. We two were the rulers of all we surveyed.

And then it was ruined.

A party of hunters returned one day claiming to have found another people beyond the boundaries of our valley. People who knew nothing of the Iron King, who followed their own ways.

It was intolerable. Others who I did not control? There was nothing for it but to subjugate and conquer them.

Of course, having taken their lands we soon learned that they, too, had neighbours. The more we conquered, the more we saw that our work was incomplete.

Oh! How I miss those days when I was truly the master of all I surveyed and there was none of this… inefficiency staring me in the face, mocking me, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Times have changed. I came so close to recapturing the good old days. The Iron Empire, we called it. But treachery from within brought that down in flames. Now I must start anew. To build a better world. Efficient, ordered, and eternal.

The Crown of Kings

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