A Mask of Ash Bark, also known as Nevin's Vigil



Life Death Plant


Destroy the ruler of the Alban
-find out everything it can about the Alban
-find an appropriate wielder
-find a way into their realm
-persuade the wielder to enter their realm

Destruction Method:
Gaberlungi can only be destroyed by one of Nevin’s children, or their descendants. It needs to be buried for a year and a day at the foot of an ash tree, then unearthed and left as a gift for the Alban.


In ancient times, before the rise of the Iron Empire, whilst folk still huddled in wooden huts deep in the forests, the Alban came more frequently than they do now. In the village of Ryhop, deep in the western woods whose location is now forgotten, they came for the young son and daughter of a craftsman named Nevin. When he woke in the morning, his beloved children were nowhere to be seen. A trail of damp leaves led to the edge of a nearby clearing to the base of a massive ash tree. Nevin spent days searching the tree for a means to enter the realm of the Alban to retrieve his children and nights camping outside the tree to catch them if they returned. As he waited, he whittled away at the debris of the forest floor – wood and bark and leaves and moss. So impressive were his creations that people came from far and wide to learn his craft and marvel at his handiwork. He turned them all away.

Nobody knows where the mask Gaberlungi came from, not even the mask itself. What is known is that the mask was found on Nevin’s face when his body was discovered, old and frail now after spending all his life waiting. Maybe he created it himself from the Alban ash, maybe the Alban took pity and left it as a gift. Some even say that one of his children returned one night while their father was asleep and placed it on his brow.

The Alban never did return to Ryhop. This success was attributed to Nevin’s vigil and then to the presence of the mask in the village. If Gaberlungi knows the truth, it does not tell.


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