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You are the Vatcha, powerful, intelligent artifacts who have lived longer than any mortal.

You were there when Prima Casa burned and the Old Empire fell, two centuries ago. You were there when the first blocks of that city were laid, five hundred years before that. A thousand years ago some of you watched the world growing, new and rich, as ages turned and brief lives passed. Some of you even claim to have been there when the Jotun waded out of the water, dragging the land up behind them, when they took their first breaths and that breath became the magic of the world – but that was so long ago that none could truly remember that.

This world is wild – a vast expanse of forest as far as the eye can see, with cities clinging to the coast of the Serpent’s Head Sea, or dotted along the river up to the high mountains where icebears roam and human hands have barely made the merest mark.

This wild world is yours to guide – for great power is yours to wield, though the hands that carry you must be guided carefully – mortal lives are paperthin and mortal heroes carry you for only a short time in this world, compared to the ages that you have seen. You must choose such heroes wisely – and wield them as you see fit.

Wield: In Guided Hands

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